Cat’s Team

Cat’s team of entertainers are the best in the business!

Cat has developed a great team of professional artists that she has worked with on countless events.  We always have repeat customers!

We also have wonderful balloon artists, magicians, clowns, children’s fairy book characters, as well as positive and enlightening fortune tellers and airbrush artists for T-shirts and hats.

Katy and Cat


Katy and Cat: Katy has worked with Cat for 10 years now! LIke Cat, she does freehand body art, face painting as well as different types of intuitive readings.



Katy, Cat, Jen, Hayley at Nick Halloween


Katy, Cat, Jennifer and Hayley–dressed as cats– to do face painting and glitter tattoos for a Halloween event at Nickelodeon studios.



Betty doing uplifting readings



Betty doing uplifting readings, in this case Hydromancy, divining from water and stones.




Psychics Bill, Katy, Shelley, Trip



Psychics Bill, Katy, Shelley and Trip, each doing a different type of reading for a corporate event.