Are you ready to have some fun?

Cat Conner and her team of fabulous artists make your party or event sparkle!

Glitter Tattoos        
Sparkly designs that last for 1 to 2 weeks!

Yes, even in the shower or the pool! Body glue is painted on skin and glitter is embedded in it – all FDA approved. Fast freehand custom work -No Stencils & ours last longer! Give your guests something special to wear home. We are always the most popular part of the celebration!Check out my Glitter Tattoo Gallery.


Fabulous Face Painting        
In 4 minutes or less!

If you need even faster faces, we have them! Just let us know. FDA approved paints and cosmetic grade glitters – all the best on the market. The bright and vivid paints are water resistant so they stay on very well but wash off easily with soap and water. We have amazing outfits and can match the theme or the colors of your event or party! We arrive early – ready to go when you are.Clients include: Nickelodeon, Warner Bros. Disneyland, San Diego and LA Zoo and More!

Check out my Face Painting Gallery.


Body Art        
Waterproof or Washable Paints

Did you every wonder how you’d look with a tattoo? Give it a try…for a special occasion? Treat your friends to a trial run…the kids love it too. They stay on for 3 to 4 days – Yes they are waterproof because they’re the alcohol based paint used in the movie business.

Check out my Body Art Gallery.


Fresh, natural and always amazing!

We use only the best & freshest henna for rich, dark and long lasting stain. We have contemporary, traditional and wild designs. Stain lasts for 1.5 to 2 weeks and more.

Check out my Henna Gallery.


Psychic Readings        
Lively Readings for insight and inspiration

Have a party that will light up your guests and friends with readings that are joyous, informative and entertaining. Choose from Tarot, Palmistry, Tea Leaf and Coffee readings and Hydromancy (readings of sea and stone) and Bubbles!

Check out my Psychic Readings Gallery.